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Tutorial Page 2 - Add stamps without covering image


Adding a blank edge for stamping text

Choose on of the included templates or follow the steps below.

There are really two ways to add a date without covering the image. One way is to add a border, and place the text in the border area. The 2nd way is to expand one edge of the image to create a blank space so the text gets placed next to the image. Let's look at this method first.

How does it work?
Most digital cameras have an image ratio of 4.5 x 6. When 4x6 images are printed, about 1/4th" is cropped from the top and 1/4" is cropped from the bottom. Shanae Picture Dater adds space to the end which actually brings it closer to the ratio of a 4x6 print. So actually more of the picture appears on the print and there is a convenient place for text.