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Shanae Picture Dater Easily Adds a Date to Your Digital Prints

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Date Stamp Example
Perfect for photo albums!

You need to save time, but want to preserve the date on your printed photos.  Here is how you do it:

1. Click the Add to Cart button at the right.

2. Download from the order confirmation page.

3. Run Shanae Picture Dater and open your first image.

4. Select a template and preview the results.

5. Click Next and you are done!

No time to write dates on photos? 
Shanae Picture Dater eliminates the tedium and adds the date and other information in a flash.  No more photos without a date.

Don't want text on top of the picture?
Shanae Picture Dater can add a small area of white space on the edge for text.  This makes a very professional and attractive appearance.

Example 2 Like those cool borders?
Easily add a decorative border.  Now those pictures from special events like birthdays and pool parties will attain proper significance with an official border.

Concerned about messing up your good images?
With Shanae Picture Dater the original image is never changed. All stamped images are saved as copies with the compression level you choose. This can save time in uploading files to a printing service.  More time savings!

What if I want to change a template?
Flexible options let you change the text font, size, color, transparency, position and angle. Add a border or watermark. Save the changes as a template so that it can be recalled later and applied exactly the same way to other images.

Amaze your family and friends with professional results.
They will think you spend days editing your images. Only you will know it took minutes, unless you tell them about Shanae Picture Dater.

Shanae Picture Dater provides many time saving features:

Shanae Picture Dater includes a PDF manual which you can view onscreen or print on your printer.

Border examples:

Sample Borders 1

Sample Borders 2

Sample Borders 3

It is also possible to create your own borders with your own image editor.

Shanae Picture Dater has powerful formatting options. When an image is oriented vertically or horizontally, it can automaticall correct the position and angle to appear in the same place.

Licensing: Shanae Picture Dater includes a single station license.

Requirements: Windows 7 or higher, 10MB Hard disk space. 1024x768 minimum monitor.

Download size: 3.8 MB.

Get Shanae Picture Dater

30-Day Money Back Guarantee!

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(This will take you to, our instant download source.)